Chloé & Vassilena Serafimova – A tribute to Steve Reich

The duet includes on one side Chloé, one of the rising figures of the electronic music in France, and Vassilena Serafimova, the Bulgarian percussionist formed in New York and the specialist of the marimba. Both young women revisit the work of the New Yorker Steve Reich, the pioneer of minimalist music in the 70s, the brilliant do-it-yourselfer and among whom the hypnotic buckles between classic, contemporary and electro music find today still a deafening echo.

The result : a fairy-tale suspended of 25 minutes, filled with tensions, as outside time, when the crystalline percussions of the one get involved in the deaf noise of the synthesizers of other. A fairy tale which ceaselessly seems to reinvent.

Chloé and Vassilena uses diverse processes dear to the New Yorker (sampling, phasing, pulsations …), the reappropriation is total and tracks left by their respective universes are loaded with a contemplative poetry.

The crystalline percussions of Vassilena Serafimova are mixed with the deaf noises of the synthesizers of Chloé, flirting between the classical, contemporary and electro music.