Le Petit Prince

With the Duo Jatekok (piano) & Julien Cottereau (actor-mime) – Fane Desrues (staging)

From the story of Antoine Saint-Exupéry ©Éditions Gallimard, 1945

Curious about diverse horizons, the spirit always lying in wait, the Duo Jatekok mix the classic directory and the creation of contemporary works. One of their major objectives is expressed by the name that they chose : arouse of the amusement, spread of the lightness, make the game happen (“jatekok” means “games” in Hungarian).

It is in this will, doubled by a quest of enchantment that they decided to revisit Le Petit Prince from Saint-Exupéry, with the cooperation of the comedian-clown Julien Cottereau.
Alternating between extracts of the tale and short suggestive musical pieces, they take together the auditor in the world of the Small Prince.

With Debussy, Ravel, Satie or still Tchaikovski, the auditor is going to meet the Fox, the Rose, the Lamplighter, the Snake and many others…