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Piano: Naïri Badal & Adelaide Panaget

Dance: Emilie Schram & Emilie Sudre

Artistic direction and choreography: Anthony Egéa

Production: Company Rêvolution

A choreographic concert where pianos take up space, dancing caresses the pianos, pianists abandon themselves to the movement and the arts merge into one…’


“I associate this fantastic duo with two high-flying b-girls, specialists in this dance that composes very virtuosic figures and footwork with the floor. A delay that reveals the graciousness, the elevation of this dance rooted on the ground?

There is a sort of connection between these arts, an exchange of universes that allows people to look and listen in a different way. The musical program, which will mostly include famous pages from classical music, will be complemented by the contributions of Franck 2 Louise (long-time composer and accomplice of Anthony’s) at meaningful moments, for astonishingly shifted electronic music. A transposition of these repertoire works into our digital world today.”


Note from the choregrapher

It is my female part, my female passion, a declaration of love… Women who inspire me, who seduce me, who make me blush… They have that power, that fragility, that madness that make me wobble. They are my sensitivity, know my strengths, my deviances and provide me with the ideal. Yes! they are those muses who act on me like a magnetic creative force and give me the desire to enhance them. The selected musical works unroll an ideal dance floor to cross body states as well as characters I wish to stage.

Prelude to the afternoon of a fauna is an animal dance, reptilian, where bodies slide, intertwine, to let appear strange forms and pictorial compositions. A dance directly on the skin carried out by the spellbinding sensuality of Debussy’s music and a transposition of Ninjisky’s fauna into a mantis. Two Bgirls that turn into carnal, geometric, worrying Sylphs, during the prelude’s time.

In Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Saëns, it is about the the pianists, who take shape, in a four-hands, with their backs to the public, to observe the skeleton in motion and muscles vibrating.

A pianistic choreography where the score echoes in the upper body, a painting of the backs where fingers slide, appear, disappear…

This Carmen extract is the weapon and the fatal beauty! The slamming heel, the defiant, disarming look on your face. Feminine toreros who evolve in a breakdance of temperament with arms soaked in voguing, krump, in a killing of the energy. A bloodthirsty, enticing, virtuoso gesture where beauty excels.

The Boléro is an experiment that breaks down, a virus that distorts the score, an experimental electro-rock version across a female battlefield. It features a minimalist finger tutting gesture, a review of sophisticated graphic movements that sweep across the body’s compartments. A “boleric” concert, a mess that destroys our collective memory of the Bolero.

My apologies, Mr. Ravel!

Anthony EGEA





Artistic direction and choreography: Anthony Egéa

Music direction: Duo Jatekok[Adelaide Panaget & Naïri Badal]


Musical arrangement: Frank 2 Louise

Set design and lighting: Florent Blanchon

Costumes: Hervé Poeydomenge

Costumes making: Limoges Opera House


Assistant Choreographer: Sonia Appel


Artists :

Piano: Naïri Badal & Adelaide Panaget

Dance: Emilie Schram & Emilie Sudre


Production: Company Rêvolution

Coproducers: Théâtre de Gascogne – scènes de Mont de Marsan, L’Odyssée – Scene conventionnée in Périgueux, Théâtre de Suresnes Jean Vilar, Opéra de Limoges, Centre Chorégraphique National de Créteil et du Val de Marne, l’OARA – Office Artistique Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine.


In residence: Théâtre de Gascogne, scènes de Mont de Marsan, Cuvier de Feydeau – Ville d’Artigues-près-Bordeaux, Le Moulin du Roc – Scène nationale in Niort, Cinéma-Théâtre Le Parnasse – Ville de Mimizan, Centre Culturel des Carmes – Ville de Langon, Pôle en Scènes – Pik in Bron.


Support for creation: Ville de Bordeaux, Département de la Gironde, Région Nouvelle Aquitaine, DRAC Aquitaine


Music program :

Prélude à l’Après-midi d’un faune – Claude Debussy

Carmen – Georges Bizet

Muse amoureuse – Souleymane Diamanka

Danse macabre – Camille Saint-Saëns

Bolero – Maurice Ravel


Length: 55 minutes


In partnership with Feurich.


MUSES - Création 2018 - Compagnie Rêvolution